It goes with­out say­ing that some peo­ple are just AWESOME and go above and beyond for home­less ani­mals in need! This includes one of our adopters, Kaylee Heal and her fam­i­ly whose sup­port is appre­ci­at­ed beyond words. Kaylee (with a lit­tle help from mom) designed these new “adopt me” ban­danas for our adopt­able dogs. Please check her out on insta­gram for details and fur­ther information.
The Heals adopt­ed Dako­ta almost 3 years ago and added anoth­er dog, Mag­num (Mag­gie’s broth­er) to the mix 18 months ago. Kaylee has also raised funds for us with pro­ceeds from a lemon­ade stand.
Thanks again Kaylee for all your help and support!

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