Our Adoptable Pets

Note: Please vis­it our PETFINDER page for fur­ther details and updates on adopt­able dogs.



Our Lit­tle Shad­ow has recov­ered well from her spay surgery and is back in her orig­i­nal fos­ter home with her fos­ter broth­ers. We have dis­cov­ered that Shad­ow is not com­fort­able in busy set­tings and strug­gles with change, espe­cial­ly if she does­n’t have anoth­er con­fi­dent dog with her. City life is NOT her thing, there­fore, she absolute­ly needs a rur­al home out­side the busy city. Her home will require a large fenced yard with lit­tle traf­fic (no mul­ti­fam­i­ly dwellings). Shad­ow is a love­ly girl–sweet, kind and gen­tle so, please keep reading…

Shad­ow is a very shy girl and needs you to allow her to come to you-grad­u­al­ly. If you are too assertive, she with­draws so, it’s impor­tant that her new guardians know she will need time and patience to trust and once she does, she’ll be your best friend for­ev­er. Her new fam­i­ly will need to under­stand that Shad­ow is not going to be the dog you can take every­where as many new things scare her. It’s going to take her TIME. Sad­ly, Shad­ow lacked a prop­er imprint­ing peri­od as a young pup and strug­gles with things unknown to her, BUT does far bet­ter with a bud­dy next to her~so this is a MUST for any­one applying–you must have anoth­er friend­ly, social dog. All that said–SHADOW is a dia­mond in the ruff and will make an amaz­ing com­pan­ion IF you can pro­vide what she needs.

Note: Shad­ow’s fos­ter fam­i­ly live out in Chill­i­wack in a rur­al set­ting with lots of space and pri­va­cy. They have 3 dogs and sev­er­al cats and Shad­ow adores them all! She has also shown us that she is not good with kids and is best she not live with any–Adults Only! Shad­ow is 7 months old and weighs 38lbs.  Please email at crossourpaws@gmail.com for details.




Beau­ti­ful Beau is doing well after his neuter and get­ting ready to meet some fam­i­lies that maybe a good fit for him. Please check back for updates.

Oct 4th. Fos­ter home found so BEAU can recov­er from his neuter surgery. Please check back for updates. 

BEAU is 11 to 12 months old and weighs 47 pounds. Breed guess is a wire-haired breed or a doo­dle of some kind? AND YES — he does SHEDBEAU has been great with oth­er dogs and has been trust-wor­thy with a dog-savvy cat. He is improv­ing with his house­/crate-train­ing but may need reminders about house-train­ing when mov­ing to  his new home). He loves to learn new things and is very atten­tive and lov­ing. BEAU can be rather vocal if left too long in his crate or pen so, a detached home where some­one is home part-time is best for him.  Please email us at crossourpaws@gmail.com for details and appli­ca­tion. Vis­it crossourpawsrescue.com “adop­tion process” for more infor­ma­tion and application.



Three month old Bernese/Husky/Collie mixed pups with love­ly tem­pera­ments. Calla (female) and Davis aka Cos­mo (male) will be ready for their new fam­i­lies soon. We antic­i­pate their weights to be 55 to 70 lbs. They are cur­rent­ly in a love­ly fos­ter home togeth­er but will not be adopt­ed to the same home. Email us at crossourpaws@gmail.com for details and appli­ca­tion or you can apply via the web­site here under “adop­tion process.”



A love­ly female shepherd/husky mix from NWT.  Kelce is a delight­ful, 50 lb., 5 month old pup with lots of per­son­al­i­ty and charm (she is going to be a large girl 70+ lbs). So far, we know she is social with oth­er dogs, old­er kids and get­ting acquaint­ed with the fam­i­ly feline. She is learn­ing her house-man­ners and com­ing along nice­ly but will need reminders when mov­ing to her new digs. We hope these digs will have a decent sized, secure yard for her to stretch out and play some fetch and train her recall. If you are inter­est­ed in learn­ing more about Kelce, please email us at crossourpaws@gmail.com or vis­it our adop­tion page here. 


We are assist­ing Scruffy’s own­er with her rehoming…

This beau­ti­ful, wire-haired girl is look­ing for a new home to love. Scruffy is 3 years old, weighs 45 lbs., is spayed and healthy. She is a won­der­ful dog that is house trained and enjoys affec­tion. For the record…Scruffy does shed and is NOT hypoal­ler­genic (we are unsure of her exact breeds). Scruffy is great with peo­ple but can be unpre­dictable around oth­er dogs and will react on-leash if oth­er dogs get too close. Her cur­rent home is locat­ed in a very busy dog area and is prov­ing to be too much for her. Scruffy needs a home out­side the city. A detached home with a secure yard is a must for her. Scruffy is best in an adult home that are will­ing to con­tin­ue pos­i­tive rein­force­ment train­ing (we have R+ train­ers to refer) and social­iz­ing (hav­ing some pre­vi­ous expe­ri­ence with reac­tive dogs is pre­ferred). She wears a muz­zle and is cur­rent­ly walk­ing with a Halti.

Please email us for more infor­ma­tion and an appli­ca­tion — crossourpaws@gmail.com