This beautiful girl is looking for an active, loving  home to take her on all their adventures. Asia is around 6 months old and is currently in foster care in North Vancouver. She is learning how to behave indoors and what is expected of her. Asia is rather small (Husky mix) and only weighs 28 lbs. She will be a medium sized dog once mature. We are learning that Asia would prefer to be an only dog in the home as she wants her people and toys all to herself but outside of that, she is dog social. Asia will be spayed first week in February 2018.






Don’t you just love Kavik’s cute little brow?

KAVIK joined Cross Our Paws on Jan 23rd and is settling in nicely in a foster home in North Vancouver. Thank you Ellen and Drew for caring for him in his time of need!
KAVIK has proven to be a TALKER and has lots to say. He wants everyone to know he is a typical Husky with tons of energy. A detached home with a secure yard and tall fence will be required for this young boy. KAVIK has not assessed well with kids (as a pup) and is better suited to an adult only home. Some pups are more nippy than other others.





UPDATE: Feb 14, 2018. We are no longer accepting applications for Jasmine and have chosen her forever home. Thank you to everyone who applied!

Jasmine arrived from Yellowknife safe and sound. She is currently in heat and will be available for adoption once she has recovered and spayed.

Jasmine is approx 3 years old and weighs about 30 lbs. We believe Jasmine is a mix of several breeds including Jindo, lab and maybe border collie? She will be spayed in late February after her cycle (she arrived in heat). She is a wonderful dog!




UPDATE: January 24th, 2018. Alder has an adoption pending and all our paws are crossed that this is his forever home. Check back for updates!

Our SWEET BOY ALDER is now neutered, had several fractured teeth removed, his x-rays showed a previously fractured pelvis and he required antibiotics to help with an infection in his right eye that was removed after blunt forced trauma to his head.

While Alder has had a difficult past, he has rebounded beautifully. As ALDER adjusts to loosing half his vision and becoming a one-eyed-dog, we discovered he can be fearful/reactive with “some” large dogs on-leash. Slow, positive introductions he does well with. He is overly curious about cats and would chase them if he could.

Alder originated from the NWT SPCA and flew to BC to increase his chances of finding a loving home. They do AMAZING work for the animals in their care. Please visit our website for details and application. crossourpawsrescue.com
He is an amazing young dog deserving of a loving home!



We are looking for a new home OR foster home for BLUE, a gorgeous, 4 year old, spayed black cat with stunning eyes. Her coat is like silk and she enjoys being brushed. She loves to sit on your lap and watch tv or on the windowsill watching the birds fly by. She prefers to sleep on the bed cuddling or under the covers snuggling with her human mom.

BLUE was rehomed as a kitten with her sibling but as they matured BLUE would prefer to live separately from her brother. She can be skittish of loud noises and would be best in a quiet home with an older couple (no children please as they scare her). We are not sure how BLUE will be with dogs as she has never spent time with them so best she be the only pet. BLUE has always been an indoor girl and her new home will need to do the same. She is completely litter trained and has never had an accident.
Application, references and home-visit apply. Visit our website for details crossourpawsrescue.com





L’Taco is looking for LOVE. She is the perfect little Chihuahua for a semi-retired couple! She is well behaved and LOVES to snuggle. Taco recently lost her home due to unfortunate circumstances and it was decided that rehoming her was in her best interest. She is house-trained and will sleep quietly on your bed. She can be vocal at first meetings where she feels insecure or needs to guard the home which may not make her suitable to live in an apt or condo.

Taco is 6 years old, weighs almost 3.5 lbs and had a dental cleaning done last year but will require another in the future. We have learned that Taco is best suited to a home as an only pet as she prefers NOT to share her people. She can be protective of her loved-ones and is not suitable to live with young kids, cats or other dogs. Visit our adoption process page for details and application. Home-visit and adoption fee apply.



~~ MAGGIE ~~

STATUS: Adoptable!
AGE: 2.5 years old
BREED: Shepherd/Husky
GENDER: Female
WEIGHT: 45 lbs
HEALTH: Good, spayed/vaccinated/titre tested
SOCIAL: Great with people she knows but can be timid of strangers. Good with most other dogs and ok with cats that don’t run.

Our MAGGIE MOO has more character than she knows what to do with. Only people that know dogs well will understand this young girl and all the personality traits she offers. MAGGIE is special in her own way… 🙂


**MAGGIE needs a VERY savvy home without children. She is best as an only dog in the home BUT depends on the other dog. Maggie has been known to resource guard her food and toys from other dogs but does get along with other dogs for the most part. As of recently, with more exposure, has been great with the cats in her foster home and no longer chases them. MAGGIE weighs about 45 lbs and has the softest coat. She is spayed, house-trained and her adoption fee includes a 6 week training package by a trainer we recommend. Only Vancouver Lower Mainland detached homes will be considered (Maggie is not suitable to live in a condo). MAGGIE is currently being fed a raw diet which we would like her to continue on. Email us at crossourpawsrescue@gmail.com for more information and application. Maggie’s adoption donation request is $395 which includes her deworming, vaccines, titre test and spay.

MAGGIE is NOT for first time dog owners. Email us for details at crossourpawsrescue@gmail.com. Application, references and home-visit apply. Application can be downloaded directly off adoption process page here.



~~ DIESEL ~~

STATUS: Adoptable!
AGE: 4 years old
BREED: Mastiff/Dane
WEIGHT: 99 lbs
SOCIAL: Fearful of some men, great with dogs, not good with cats.


Say WOOF to our sweet boy Diesel, a 4 yr old, neutered Mastiff cross. Diesel weighs about 97 lbs and his beautiful coat is called apricot brindle. Diesel needs a VERY special home that have experience with fearful behaviours and experience with guardian breeds. We’ve had Diesel in our care since August 2014. He was surrendered to Cross Our Paws along with his brother due to unfortunate circumstances in the family. Diesel’s brother was far more confident and his foster home applied immediately to adopt him.

In late August Diesel was placed in a great home with a couple that had lots of dog experience but after 2 months he came back to us. Sadly, Diesel could not learn to trust the man of the house (despite all efforts). Because of Diesel’s insecurities we are being VERY cautious where we place him and are looking for a specific home for him. Diesel is currently in a home with 3 other dogs and is great with all of them as they help his confidence. A home with another confident, friendly dog is a MUST for Diesel!

His foster home also has 3 cats that are kept in a separate part of the home as he will stalk and chase them SO absolutely NO CATS or small pets can live with Diesel. Diesel’s foster home ADORE him and love having him and would adopt him if they were not already at their dog bylaw limit. He is affectionate and always willing to please.

Here are the requirements for Diesel…

~A home with NO children and few men frequenting the home.

~Diesel must live with another friendly, confident dog.

~Absolutely no cats or other small pets (small dogs are ok).

~He needs a home with a secure yard that is private (no chain-link if adjacent to neighbour’s yard or through-way). He would not do well in a condo setting.

~Diesel can not be left outside unattended.

~Diesel must remain on leash and does not do well at dog parks as he plays too rough at times and doesn’t know his own strength. He does get along well with other dogs but needs supervision.

~Diesel is currently on a RAW diet by Red Dog Deli (due to mild allergies) and we hope he remains on this diet if at all possible but not a must.

IF you can provide what Diesel needs please download our adoption questionnaire off our “adoption process” page here and email it back to crossourpawsrescue@gmail.com once complete. References, home-visit and adoption donation of $395 apply.