Cooper May 11
COOPER  (adoptable)

Age: 12 weeks
Gender: Male
Breed: Shepherd/Husky
Health: Vaccinated/dewormed
Predicted weight: 50 to 60 lbs
Neutered: Pre-scheduled in August 2022
Good with kids: Older
Good with dogs: Absolutely
Good with cats: Can learn to be
House-trained: In progress
Crate-trained: Yes
Leash skills: Learning well
Vocal: At times when left alone

Cooper Trooper

This pup is a lovely boy about 3 months old. We are looking for a home located within the Vancouver Lower Mainland as we are a small rescue and preform home-visits with our applicants.  Cooper likes to howl at times so a detached home with a secure yard is preferred. All puppies go through a teething process and Cooper is no exception. He is in the nippy stage and is more suitable to live with older children at this time.
Cooper loves LOVES other dogs and plays nicely with them. He is VERY curious about cats and will chase them in fun.
Cooper is currently eating a higher end kibble but will soon be switched to a fresh RAW diet which is the preferred diet for all our rescues. We recommend he attend positive reinforcement training with his new guardian IF  you have not successfully completed a training session in the past few years. We do not endorse any aversive training methods such as shock collars, choke chains or prong collars. Cooper will need to continue his house-training once he is moved to his new home. He is crate-trained which make house-training easier. He will be neutered by Cross Our Paws in Aug 2022.

If you sound like a good match for Cooper please download our adoption application off our “adoption process” page here and email it back to crossourpaws@gmail.com. The MORE detail provided the better.


freya carpet

Freya sofa 2


This beautiful girl is still searching for her special home. Her brother Farley has an adoption pending. 🙂 


Breed: Shepherd/Husky mix
Age: 17 weeks
Current weight: 37 lbs (will exceed 65 lbs once mature)
Health: Vaccinated, dewormed – will be spayed at 6 mths
Temperament: Smart, active, affectionate and playful
Vocal: At times of play or uncertainty
House-trained: 90% will need further training in new home
Crate-trained: Yes, loves her crate
Dogs: Loves other dogs
Cats: No – will bark and chase
Kids: No experience – older kids preferred
Place of origin: North West Territories
Current diet: Raw fresh diet and dehydrated raw
Applicant requirements: Home located within the Lower Mainland of Vancouver. If there is a yard it must be secure. Only positive, force-free training considered. Email us at crossourpaws@gmail.com for an application or visit our website crossourpawsrescue.com


Farley boy

Farley – Adoption Pending!