She­va is the mom to Brew, Car­go, Troop­er and Pen­ny. She­va is a Shepherd/Husky mix but looks like she has Kelpie in her as well. She­va has been a chained dog her entire life and lacks the man­ners of a reg­u­lar dog her age. She is good with oth­er dogs, clean in the home but will chew things when she is bored or over stim­u­lat­ed. We think She­va is between 2 and 3 years old. She­va can be very mouthy and needs to learn to calm her­self at times. We will NOT be plac­ing She­va with kids so only ADULT dog savvy homes will be con­sid­ered for her adop­tion. She­va’s adop­tion includes a train­ing pack­age so she can learn what is expect­ed of her. She loves to run with a bike and would be GREAT at agili­ty or fly-ball sports. She would make an awe­some run­ning part­ner. She­va weighs about 55 lbs and will be spayed in late May.



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