ADOPTED!!!Meet KODA (left) and TAZ (right), 2.5 year old Pugshires…yup, you read it right…LOL. Pug crossed with York­shire Ter­ri­er. Koda and Taz are in need of a new home. Ide­al­ly, we would like them to stay togeth­er as they are very attached. Both dogs will remain in their cur­rent home until a new home is found. If you are inter­est­ed in adopt­ing these two cutie-pies please vis­it our web­site and down­load our adop­tion appli­ca­tion, fill it out and email it to If you look like a great match for Koda and Taz a home-vis­it is the next step. Koda and Taz are broth­ers from the same lit­ter. Taz can be vocal at times but once he trusts he set­tles down nice­ly. They are friend­ly, very enter­tain­ing and won­der­ful pets. They weigh in at around 12 lbs.

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