FEB 2ND, 2013. We have some sad news about this amaz­ing dog. Chelsea appears “hap­py” 99.9% of the time but just recent­ly start­ed cough­ing (not ken­nel cough) so we had an x‑ray done and it appears her heart is enlarged and she has a small amount of flu­id in her lungs. Chelsea is in the begin­ning stage of con­ges­tive heart fail­ure. Poor girl BUT we caught it ear­ly and she can live hap­pi­ly for a few years. She is on a light dose of diuret­ics and a heart med­ica­tion that will support/strengthen her car­diac func­tions. She is hap­py, affec­tion­ate and a plea­sure to have in our lives. We know this will nar­row down her chances of find­ing a suit­able home but we know there is a home out there for her that will care for her until the end. We would place Chelsea in a pal­lia­tive home for her final years. She is WORTH it in more ways than we can express. The love and life she brings to the home is unconditional.…she is a TREASURE!

If you would like to help us by mak­ing a dona­tion towards Chelsea’s vet bill we would be for­ev­er grate­ful! No amount is too small. Dona­tions can be made by click­ing the link below which will take you to our pay­pal account. Dona­tions can also be made direct­ly to our vet.

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