Our Adoptable Pets

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Shad­ow is still on the look­out for her new fam­i­ly (with anoth­er friend­ly dog). She is a healthy girl almost 10 mth old, spayed and weighs about 40 lbs. Shad­ow has shown us she is not com­fort­able in busy set­tings and strug­gles with change, espe­cial­ly if she does­n’t have anoth­er con­fi­dent dog with her. City life is NOT her thing, there­fore, she absolute­ly needs a rur­al home out­side the busy city. Her home will require a large fenced yard with lit­tle traf­fic (no mul­ti­fam­i­ly dwellings). Shad­ow is a love­ly girl–sweet, kind and gen­tle so, please keep reading…

Shad­ow is a very shy girl and needs you to allow her to come to you-grad­u­al­ly. If you are too assertive, she with­draws so, it’s impor­tant that her new guardians know she will need time and patience to trust and once she does, she’ll be your best friend for­ev­er. Her new fam­i­ly will need to under­stand that Shad­ow is not going to be the dog you can take every­where as many new things scare her. It’s going to take her TIME. Sad­ly, Shad­ow lacked a prop­er imprint­ing peri­od as a young pup and strug­gles with things unknown to her, BUT does far bet­ter with a bud­dy next to her~so this is a MUST for any­one applying–you must have anoth­er friend­ly, social dog. All that said–SHADOW is a dia­mond in the ruff and will make an amaz­ing com­pan­ion IF you can pro­vide what she needs.

Note: Shad­ow’s fos­ter fam­i­ly live out in Chill­i­wack in a rur­al set­ting with lots of space and pri­va­cy. They have 3 dogs and sev­er­al cats and Shad­ow adores them all! She has also shown us that she is not good with kids and is best she not live with any–Adults Only! Shad­ow is 8 months old and weighs 38lbs.  Please email at crossourpaws@gmail.com for details.