Indoor Cats

Will my cat be happy inside?

The haz­ards of the out­doors? Abu­sive peo­ple, auto­mo­biles, rival cats, dogs, coy­otes, rac­coons, poi­so­nous plants, infec­tious dis­eases and fleas to name a few, are com­pelling rea­sons to keep cats exclu­sive­ly indoors. Indoor cats are unques­tion­ably safer and health­i­er than out­door cats. They don’t endan­ger birds and oth­er wildlife or bring home fleas or dead ani­mals, nor do they need fre­quent vis­its to the vet­eri­nar­i­an to treat injuries sus­tained with rival cats. An out­door cat’s aver­age life expectan­cy is 1–4 years. An indoor cat’s life expectan­cy is 16 to 20. We adopt to indoor homes only! No excep­tions!