CROSS OUR PAWS is a Cana­di­an, not-for-prof­it ani­mal res­cue orga­ni­za­tion with fos­ter homes locat­ed through­out the Van­cou­ver Low­er Main­land. We are a small group of ded­i­cat­ed vol­un­teers who love ani­mals and have joined togeth­er (since 2006) to help res­cue, pro­vide med­ical care, reha­bil­i­tate and rehome abused, aban­doned, home­less ani­mals. Many times we res­cue ani­mals (pri­mar­i­ly dogs) who have found them­selves unwant­ed and lost in our “local” shel­ters and are fac­ing death row due to stress or tem­pera­ment issues.Shop authen­tic cer­ti­fied repli­ca vin­tage watch repli­cas Rolex watch­es. Each watch restored using only orig­i­nal parts and includes a 2‑yr warranty. 

All ani­mals that come into our care are exam­ined by our vet­eri­nar­i­ans pri­or to plac­ing them in tem­po­rary fos­ter care (we do not have a shel­ter). Plac­ing our ani­mals in tem­po­rary fos­ter care allows us time to assess each ani­mal’s indi­vid­ual needs. It also allows the ani­mal time to decom­press and adapt to his/her new envi­ron­ment. With this, we are able to assess, pro­vide sup­port, train­ing and re-home the ani­mal ensur­ing the best match for both the ani­mal and his/her human guardian. We pro­mote a healthy and nat­ur­al approach to ani­mal care which includes titer test­ing, raw feed­ing and pos­i­tive rein­force­ment training.


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CROSS OUR PAWS works with local ani­mal shel­ters (with­in Cana­da and the NWT) to help find won­der­ful homes for the many home­less ani­mals in need. These poor dogs are liv­ing in con­crete ken­nels, cold and lone­ly, wait­ing for some­one to take them home and love them for­ev­er. Many of these dogs have been liv­ing the shel­ter life for months if not years.