Cross our Paws Rescue
  • November2nd


    We recently pulled/transferred this sweet German Shepherd from Vancouver Animal Shelter to Cross Our Paws Rescue. She originally came in as a stray and had clearly been used as a breeding dog. Over 8 months later, Daphne was still homeless. Jessi Larssen of Cross Our Paws met Daphne and sponsored her and took her home to foster. Daphne has been an amazing addition to our rescue and is learning how to “just be a dog” and enjoy her life while we search for her forever family/match in life. She loves to play, run, swim and SNUGGLE. She is super smart and very driven which is no surprise considering her breed.
    After being in our care for almost a month we are worried that Daphne has some very concerning mammary tumors. We just finished a course of antibiotics and soaking her in epsom salts/warm water (gently massaging her), 2 teats are of a huge concern. We decided today to have them removed as they can not be expressed or manipulated and they are VERY sore for her. Her surgery is slated for early next week. Please think of our sweet Daphne as she deserves a life free of pain AND wants to LOVE and LIVE. Shame on horrible backyard breeders that do this to innocent animals only to make a quick buck and then throw them away like garbage when they can no longer produce a product for sale.
    We are SO thrilled to be able to give this girl what she deserves and hope we caught it early enough. If you are interested in helping us with Daphne’s vet bills please let us know. Donations can be made at our vet or via paypal on our website under “Getting Involved/Donating” Visit

  • October3rd


    Diesel is a 100 lb., 2 year old, neutered Mastiff mix that found himself needing a new home on very short notice. The circumstances he and his brother, Justice, were in was unfortunate. Cross Our Paws was asked to help and fortunately we had the resources at that time to accept both dogs into our care. Justice proved to be a wonderfully balanced dog and had an amazing application come in that was perfect for him. Diesel on the other hand, needed/s more time to help him become a more balanced and trusting dog. He has made HUGE progress and continues to improve. His main issues are with young men in the home/visiting the home. Being part Mastiff, we want Diesel to be the best he can be. It is imperative he live with other calm, balance dogs that are friendly to both other dogs and people. An adult home that is quiet but active with breed experience is preferred. More information will be posted in the coming weeks. When Diesel is ready for adoption only homes that are located within the Vancouver Lower Mainland will be considered.IMG_2807IMG_3277

  • September26th

    Lacey is still looking for her special home. Lacey is almost a year old and is a true pleasure to be around. She does experience some anxiety when left alone so a home where someone is home during the day or can take her to work would be ideal. Cagney (right), Lacey’s sibling, found her forever home NOW it’s lacey’s turn!!! Lacey and Cagney came to us after being rescued in Alberta. For more information about Lacey visit her here on our adoptable petlist.


    LACEY sure knows how to groove…LOL! THANK YOU Barb and Kathy for taking such good care of our girl!

  • September26th


    Daphne2Tanya King kindly donates her time photographing homeless dogs in need. What a talented photographer!

    This is DAPHNE, a 5 yr old GSD that was clearly used as a breeding dog. She was found as a stray in February and has been living the shelter life for almost 8 months. She is now spayed and doing amazing in a foster home. DAPHNE came to us via Vancouver Animal Shelter as a transfer and we are thrilled to be able to help!

    DAPHNE was just posted for adoption. Updates will be added as we get to know her better so we can make the best match possible for her. What we do know so far is Daphne is a lovely, intelligent girl and is true to her breed. Daphne gets along well with most other dogs but doesn’t need to live with one. She loves to play and is learning not all dogs want to so she gracefully moves on. She is house and crate trained and protective of her people. Breed savvy homes will be considered first. For more information about our rescue and adoption process please visit our website here under adoption process.

    Daphne in her new foster home getting acquainted with her new pack :)

    Watch Daphne swim at Aqua Paws in Vancouver. Such a wonderful place to visit whether it be for therapy or exercise :)

  • September23rd

    bailey-1NAME: Bailey
    AGE: 4 to 5 years old
    BREED: Lab/Border Collie
    WEIGHT: 60 pounds
    ALTERED: Spayed
    LEASH SKILLS: Learning to heel
    GOOD OFF-LEASH: Not yet
    GOOD W/DOGS: Yes
    GOOD W/CATS: Ignores
    GOOD W/KIDS: Older

    Bailey is a wonderful Lab/Border Collie mix that lived on a chain her entire life having litter after litter after litter. She was surrendered to our rescue partners in Terrace called NARA (Northern Animal Rescue Alliance) who transferred her to COP. NARA is fantastic group we’ve worked with for years. Bailey is learning how to behave in the home and catches on quickly. She is amazingly smart and affectionate. She is good with other dogs but does not need to live with one. Visit our website for details…
    Photo by Jesse Yuen :)