Cross our Paws Rescue
  • August6th

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    OLLIE is new to us and will be spending some time in foster care so we can get to know him better and learn what his needs are. He can be very shy of new surroundings and needs time to trust. OLLIE is only 4 months old and has been through 2 different homes already at NO fault of his own. OLLIE is a Border Collie mix and will remain on the small side of about 40 to 45 lbs. What a little sweetheart he is!!! OLLIE will not be placed in a home with young kids as they scare him.

    If you are interested in applying for OLLIE please visit our website at to learn more about our adoption process and application.


  • July22nd

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    ADOPTED…CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL!!! Shimmer and Star are very special felines. They are such a pleasure to be with. They are sisters and very bonded with each other. They lost their home due to allergies of the child in the family. They are 10 months old, spayed, litter-trained, very clean in the home and love people. They are also good with other cats and have been around dogs when they were younger.



  • July22nd

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    ADOPTED!!! ZOLA still awaits the day she finds the perfect home. ZOLA is 11 months old, spayed and weighs about 75 lbs. Her breed mix is Boxer/American Bulldog/Shepherd cross. ZOLA would be best in a home as the only dog, however she does get along well with most other dogs and has been well socialized at The Dog Patch in Poco. We are looking for an owner (with no young children) that has raised a bull breed in the past. ZOLA came to us with her sister from Kitwanga, BC.
    Field photos by Jesse Yuen Photography.

    See a video of ZOLA here playing at the dike…


  • June10th

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    TROOPER is a TROOPER and has been through a lot in his young life. He was born along with 7 other siblings around March 24th, 2014. Sadly, his mother was a chained dog up north and at approximately 4 days old, the chain severed TROOPER’S right leg which has made him a 3-legged dog. The owner surrendered the entire litter along with the mother (Sheva) so proper care and vetting could be given.

    TROOPER healed well and is doing AMAZING. Although not quite as agile as his siblings, he gets around just fine and in fact, he has no idea he is missing a leg. While TROOPER is doing fantastic we may need to consider surgery on this leg when we have him neutered. He still has his femur which makes balancing difficult and we would much rather see the leg gone at the hip. TROOPER continues to try and use his leg which will create issues for him later on. Any decisions made will be at the best advice of our vets. TROOPER will need to remain in our care for a while until all vetting is completed. This dog will touch your heart and tickle your soul. He will make you laugh and cry all at once. He is sweet, snuggly and gives the best kisses. TROOPER will need a special home with few stairs. We have had 3-legged dogs in our rescue in the past and they are just like any other dog. TROOPER will be an active dog and will need active owners. TROOPER will weigh approx 50 to 55 lbs once he is fully grown. As Trooper grows his family needs to understand that Trooper may have issues with his left leg (such as a torn acl) after compensating so long and we ask that applicants are financially secure to care for his needs now and in the future.


    We are using a cart for Trooper to help raise his body straight as his spine is shifting and growing/curving to the right. He is such an amazing dog!!

    **If you can not adopt but would like to donate towards TROOPER’S future care and vet bills, donations can be made directly to our paypal account or to our vet. Contact us at
    [email protected] No amount is to small ;-) EVERY dollar will make a difference.

    If you are interested in adopting from our rescue our process is as follows:

    - An application MUST be submitted in order to be considered for adoption.

    - Applications can be downloaded directly off our website at Once the application is complete please email it back to us at [email protected]

    - Emails with applications attached will be considered first for adoption. Basic inquiries will be contacted last.

    - References will be contacted/checked and a home visit will be requested to ensure the home is safe/suitable for a puppy. This visit is for your benefit as well.

    - If your home is chosen to adopt, the pup will be placed in the home with a foster contract in place until the pup is spayed/neutered. NO adoptions are finalized until the pup has rec’d his/her 2nd parvo/distemper vaccine booster and is altered. Follows-up are done frequently.

    - Adoption donation fees are $395 for puppies. This includes 2 parvo/distemper vaccine boosters, complete deworming, revolution/advantage applied if necessary, spay/neuter/tattoo/nail trim and ears cleaned. Puppies come with a high-quality, grain-free kibble, crate on loan, collar/leash.

    We have a saying in our rescue and that is, “everyone wants a puppy until they have one.” Puppies are a TON of work and in order for house-training to be successful they must go out EVERY hour or two. Someone must be home with the pup for the first 3 to 4 months at which time they can be left for up to 4 hours (if house-trained). We prefer homes with kids over 8 years old due to sharp teeth and the demands puppies require. Please keep in mind if you live in an apartment house-training can prove extremely difficult. Puppies can also be vocal at first (once they leave their litter mates) so many pups may not be suitable for multi-family housing due to noise complaints.

  • May13th

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    Zola is an awesome girl about 8 months old. She is good with other dogs but doesn’t have to live with one. She will chase cats if they run. She would prefer an adult home that has raised and cared for a large dog in the past. Zola currently weighs 65 lbs and may top the scale at 80ish pounds. Dog experience is a must! Zola is a mixed breed of Boxer/Mastiff and ???

    If you are interested in Zola please download our adoption application, fill it out and email it back to us at [email protected]
    Emails with attached applications will be responded to quicker than general inquiries. For more information about our rescue and adoption process please visit our website here.