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  • November21st

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  • November17th





    This is Reuben and he is currently living/residing at the Delta Community Animal Shelter (DCAS) in Delta. Reuben HATES being crated/kenneled and suffers from separation anxiety so he needs a foster/home where someone is with him most of the time until he is conditioned to be able to spend small amounts of time on his own. It will be a long-term foster (6 to 12 months). He is a bouncy, untrained, happy and affectionate pooch about 12 months old. Contact us or the DCAS shelter if you can help

  • November8th


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    ROXY is a beautiful, friendly, athletic dog. We are looking for a home as an only dog that will keep socializing her with other balanced, playful dogs. Roxy loves to play and is polite and well mannered (with the exception of some counter surfing). She is good with older kids and is a great running partner. She was house-trained with a bell on the door and loves the dog park and playing with other friendly dogs. Roxy is a Shepherd/Pit Bull/Lab mix, born Sept 8, 2013. She is healthy and covered for vaccines for the next 3 to 5 years. She weighs almost 60 lbs and is absolutely gorgeous. Roxy will be adopted with an obedience training package and we have several wonderful trainers we recommend depending on location (within the Vancouver Lower Mainland). Email us at [email protected] if you are interested in Roxy. An application can be downloaded directly off our website under “adoption process.” For more information about our rescue and adoption process please visit our website at

    We know ROXY well as we rehomed her over a year ago as a pup. Sadly, she did not do well with the other dog living in the home. It was best she be rehomed, however is social with most other dogs.

  • November6th

    Our apologies in advance if this photo offends you. Daphne had her surgery and is doing well. There were a number of tumors and she is likely going to need the other side (of her lower breasts) done as well. The vet had a lot of skin/breast/tissue to remove which makes it difficult to have a clean line. This breaks our hearts as Daphne is such a sweet dog and loves her people. She never deserved this She was bred EVERY heat.

    We want to THANK EVERYONE that has liked, commented and donated towards her care. We LOVE and THANK you all!!!
    We have managed to raise $800, however, her surgery will be close to $1400 (rescue quote) once we have the other tumors removed. Please help us help Daphne as she deserves this! No donation is too small.

    We have set up an account for Daphne at our vet clinic and have paypal and e-transfer. Email us if you can help [email protected]

  • November2nd

    We recently pulled/transferred this sweet German Shepherd from Vancouver Animal Shelter to Cross Our Paws Rescue. She originally came in as a stray and had clearly been used as a breeding dog. Over 8 months later, Daphne was still homeless. Jessi Larssen of Cross Our Paws met Daphne and sponsored her and took her home to foster. Daphne has been an amazing addition to our rescue and is learning how to “just be a dog” and enjoy her life while we search for her forever family/match in life. She loves to play, run, swim and SNUGGLE. She is super smart and very driven which is no surprise considering her breed.
    After being in our care for almost a month we are worried that Daphne has some very concerning mammary tumors. We just finished a course of antibiotics and soaking her in epsom salts/warm water (gently massaging her), 2 teats are of a huge concern. We decided today to have them removed as they can not be expressed or manipulated and they are VERY sore for her. Her surgery is slated for early next week. Please think of our sweet Daphne as she deserves a life free of pain AND wants to LOVE and LIVE. Shame on horrible backyard breeders that do this to innocent animals only to make a quick buck and then throw them away like garbage when they can no longer produce a product for sale.
    We are SO thrilled to be able to give this girl what she deserves and hope we caught it early enough. If you are interested in helping us with Daphne’s vet bills please let us know. Donations can be made at our vet or via paypal on our website under “Getting Involved/Donating” Visit