BLACK is the new BLUE ;-)

We are look­ing for a new home for BLUE, a gor­geous, 3 year old, spayed black cat with stun­ning eyes. Her coat is like silk and she enjoys being brushed. She loves to sit on your lap and watch tv or on the win­dowsill watch­ing the birds fly by. She prefers to sleep on the bed cud­dling or under the cov­ers snug­gling with her human mom.

BLUE was rehomed as a kit­ten with her sib­ling but as they matured BLUE would pre­fer to live sep­a­rate­ly from her broth­er. She can be skit­tish of loud nois­es and would be best in a qui­et home with an old­er cou­ple (no chil­dren please as they scare her). We are not sure how BLUE will be with dogs as she has nev­er spent time with them so best she be the only pet. BLUE has always been an indoor girl and her new home will need to do the same. She is com­plete­ly lit­ter trained and has nev­er had an acci­dent. Appli­ca­tion, ref­er­ences and home-vis­it apply. Vis­it our web­site for details