This is Jessie, a 10 month old Ger­man Shep­herd. Jessie was plan­ning a career in the police force but was recent­ly diag­nosed with a genet­ic bone dis­or­der in her front elbows which is painful at times. The surgery is going to be very expen­sive and we are help­ing raise funds to pay for it. Jessie will be look­ing for a new home after her surgery. Please con­sid­er mak­ing a dona­tion so she can get the surgery she needs. No amount is too small. Here is what her cur­rent fam­i­ly says about this amaz­ing girl.

Hel­lo all. My name is Jessie and I am 10 months old now. I was born in Jan­u­ary 2012 and have been liv­ing with my won­der­ful fam­i­ly the last four months. I was part of a munic­i­pal police pup­py pro­gram to see if I had what it took to be a police dog but I was diag­nosed with a genet­ic bone dis­or­der where both my elbow bones have not grown prop­er­ly. My back and hips are great but I have dis­com­fort in my front legs from this condition.
Since my elbows are this way I can no longer train to be a police dog but with surgery I can live a pain free life for years to come. I will be able to chase balls and fris­bees just like I used to before my elbows start­ed to hurt. My fam­i­ly loves me very much but are unable to keep me as their fam­i­ly pet. My train­ing so far only involved basic obe­di­ence and my fam­i­ly says I am very obedient.
My fam­i­ly is try­ing raise the funds required to have my surgery which would remove the bad bone parts in my elbows. The cost of the surgery is approx­i­mate­ly $2500 with some after care expens­es. My fam­i­ly will look after tak­ing care of me after the surgery until I am ready to go to my new fam­i­ly which has­n’t been con­firmed yet.

Please con­tact Cross Our Paws Res­cue if you have ques­tions about my con­di­tion or would like to make a dona­tion so I can get the surgery I so need and deserve.

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